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San Luis Potosí Bicentennial Park

A new park that showcases the beauty and sustainable potential of native vegetation.

Constructed / 2011
Framed within a post-industrial process of urban reconversion, the copper plant of Grupo Mexico in San Luis Potosi has been transformed into a new park, serving as the first transformative action of the new IMMSA San Luis Master Plan. The park is part of a system of green spaces that includes recreational areas, cycling and jogging tracks, and bodies of water, all of which structure and organize the new development.The park’s dynamic topography, featuring sites and levels of varying heights, creates an important visual and symbolic connection with the area’s industrial past. To promote sustainability, the park is designed using plants from desert and semi-desert ecosystems that are easy to maintain and act as a green buffer between the surrounding urban areas and metropolitan roads. It offers children’s play areas, an outdoor amphitheatre, exercise zones, jogging tracks, and viewpoints with resting areas.An adjacent visitable nursery has also been designed to produce the plant material for future urban development.A major renovation of infrastructure and landscape to revive a deteriorated area.