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Copalita Eco-Arquaeological Park

Preservation of an archaeological, ecological and landscape heritage.
Constructed / 2010
The uniqueness of the park lies in its fusion of an important archaeological site with a large ecological environment. The archaeological heritage is one of the most outstanding on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The site also features a diverse variety of ecosystems: coastal cliffs, beaches, estuaries, the Copalita River, gallery zones, deciduous lowland jungle, and well-preserved forested areas with 35 species of trees and a wide biodiversity of birds, reptiles, and amphibians.Preservation of an archaeological, ecological and landscape heritage.
The designed tours showcase and explain the biodiversity through informative panels and furniture, as well as the rescued and restored archaeological structures. The culmination of the tour are splendid viewpoints towards the landscape of the Pacific Ocean and the Copalita River.The project is complemented by a Site Museum designed in a building strongly related to the jungle, landscape, and climate, as well as management and research offices for archaeologists, botanists, and administration. This core forms an access frame with a square, café, and services.