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Canal de la Cortadura

Rehabilitate part of the city through water-space

Constructed / 2004 – 2017
The goal of this urban project was a significant renewal of infrastructure and landscape to revive an area that had deteriorated socially and environmentally, and was partially isolated from the centre of the city of Tampico.This complex urban project fulfils multiple objectives: environmental and public health; infrastructure and road and pedestrian connectivity, as well as social and economic reactivation; and recreation and tourist attraction. Creating a true public space with a water, recreational and landscape corridor that provides the population with meeting places, recreation, and pedestrian mobility.One end of the canal leads to Laguna del Carpintero and the other end leads to Rio Panuco. GDU redesigned the Canal de la Cortadura as an area with walkways, gardens, plazas, and terraces. Mobility connections were rethought with the design of six vehicular bridges and seven pedestrian bridges linking existing neighbourhoods with the city’s historic centre. This integral urban project has brought multiple benefits: new investments in the area and has become one of the first tourist, recreational, symbolic, and identity attractions of the city of Tampico.Rehabilitate part of the city through public space.