• Location

    Mexico city, Mexico
  • Area

    4.67 Ha
  • Year

  • Award

    • Prince of Wales / Green Prize in Urban Design, 1996. Harvard University
    • Merit Design Award, 1994. American Society of Landscape Architects
    • Honor mention, 1994. III Biennial of Mexican Architecture
    • Design Award, 1992.

      The Waterfront Center, Washington DC, 1992

  • Description

    An instance of environmental restoration on a vast scale, the project also addresses challenges of urbanization in one of the most populous cities in the developing world, providing both open space for recreation and productive land for economic development.  Xochimilco, meaning “the place where flowers are grown,” is a fragment of a pre-Conquest, even pre-Aztec landscape of artificial garden islands created in the lake that once filled a large area in Mexico City.